Maternity and Paternity Provision Benchmark Released

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Following our recent Shared Parental Leave Survey and Think Tank event, we were struck by how many HR professionals were interested in gaining an understanding of how their maternity and paternity benefits compared with what other companies offered.

Many companies saw this as the 'starting point' for looking at how they might change or adapt their benefits offering with the new SPL legislation.

Over 100 companies told us what they offered to maternity and paternity leave takers in terms of duration and levels of pay.


The top line results

  • Responses varied widely in terms of the combinations of length and level of pay, and the complexity of how these were structured. The duration of enhanced pay ranged from 3 weeks to 52 weeks, and the levels of pay varied to a similar extent
  • There is little consistency by sector (although Legal and Banking sectors are over represented at the higher benefits end of the spectrum)
  • Several companies structure their maternity pay to include
    Back to Work bonuses
  • Nearly 25% of respondent companies offer only SMP
  • 16% of companies offer only SPP (with a high degree of overlap with those only offering SMP)
  • All respondent companies with over 5,000 employees offered enhanced maternity pay - most of these companies also offered enhanced paternity pay as well.

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Regular work+family updates for
HR and diversity professionals.