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Maternity / Paternity / Shared Parental Leave Benchmark

What parental benefits are companies offering? A joint benchmark study by My Family Care and collated and compared the maternity, paternity and Shared Parental Leave benefits of...

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Maternity and Paternity Provision Benchmark

Maternity and paternity benefits - 2014

Over 100 UK companies told us about their current maternity and paternity benefits. Download the detailed results.

White Papers & Benchmarks

Maternity and Paternity Provision Benchmark Released

Over 100 UK companies told us about their current maternity and paternity benefits. Download the results now | Following our recent Shared Parental Leave Survey and Think Tank event, we were struck...

12/06/2014 News & Articles

Being Family-Friendly in Law Firms Takes Unique Solutions

10 out of 15 law firms can't be wrong! Jennifer Liston-Smith reflects on the successes of family initiatives such as maternity coaching adopted by some pioneering law firms | Keeping mum in law...

12/06/2013 News & Articles

Being 'You' and Not 'Your Identity': Changing Identities (Part 2)

As a maternity coach, Kate has seen how parenthood changes working parents' perception of themselves. Rather than identifying with one 'role', her advice is to relax into who you are as a whole | My...

07/06/2016 News & Articles

The Parent Transition: The Latest on Policy, Practice and Benefits

We'll be sharing the results and insights from My Family Care's New Parent Transition Benchmark and the latest findings from University of Birmingham Business School

23/05/2019 Events & Seminars

A Few (Slightly Controversial) Thoughts on Maternity Packages

How can we get more women to the top in business? Ben Black believes the answer lies in maternity leave, and he's not sure his opinions will earn him any fans... | The grass is always greener on...

03/12/2014 News & Articles

Model Behaviour: Employee to Working Mother (Part 2)

Jennifer talks coaching strategies and language while stressing the importance of being a role model to her own kids | My Family Care asks Jennifer: Employers sometimes talk about 'supporting' women...

14/05/2013 News & Articles

Theresa May Wants New Fathers to Get 12 Weeks Paid Paternity Leave

As one of her 'legacy' policies, before she leaves office as Prime Minister, Theresa May could offer fathers 12 weeks' paid paternity leave | Under the plans, new fathers would receive 90 per cent...

25/06/2019 News & Articles

Work+Family Summary: May 2019

In this month's update, Ben looks at our recent Benchmark of how Britain's best employers approach the challenge of retaining working parents, the positive discussions surrounding the roles of the...

04/06/2019 News & Articles

Work+Family Summary: October 2016

In this month's summary, Ben Black looks at our new flexible working research, the current state of maternity leave, and the best-in-class for parental leave coaching | Ben Black's monthly summary of...

02/11/2016 News & Articles

Work+Family Summary: July 2018

In this month's update, Ben sheds light on the childcare voucher situation, assesses why eldercare might be unfair for women, the progress of female leadership, paternity pay woes, and more | Ben...

01/08/2018 News & Articles