About Us

What we do at My Family Care

We're just like the people we spend our days helping

Our core team is 35 strong and, between us, we have 42 children, 6 dependent elderly parents, 8 dogs...

You get the picture

We know from first-hand experience that combining work and family is not easy - there is no magic solution to make life lovely 24/7.

That said, we also know that a little bit of practical help, the right conversation at the right time, and some give and take at home and at work can make the world of difference in making people feel happier and less stressed. This is obviously good for businesses on a number of levels; ask us about it, we're only too happy to tell you how.

We ask our clients a lot of questions

Businesses are a lot like families, they have their own unique make-ups and ways of doing things. Our job is to understand what they need, what their employees need and how to deliver it in a cost effective way.

Happy employees, happy employers

Our approach is all about making life easier and less stressful for parents and carers. Sometimes, this is enabled through technology - our Backup Care booking app is simple to use and can put care in place quicker than our team can. At other times, a phone call is the solution when a parent or carer needs one-to-one advice, or an empathetic ear.

Whatever the solution, we understand that parents and carers put a lot of trust in us, and that we must live up to their expectations.

Do our WORK+family products work?

Yes they do. We measure all interactions with our services, and provide a detailed overview of the various 'touch points' created by your employees. We share these results with our clients so they can clearly see the difference their investment is making. Simple.

You can see examples of this in our client case studies.

What makes us good at what we do?

It comes down to the experience and skills of our team, and what we've built.

  • Our Director of Coaching pioneered maternity coaching in the UK
  • We've built the biggest Backup Care network in the UK, booking over 40,000 days of care every year
  • Our wider team encompasses practitioners and experts on just about every aspect of work+family

And lastly, coming full circle, it's because we really get it

We're just the same as you and your employees; we have children, parents, and dogs too, and we want to make WORK+family work for you.

Family-Friendly Benefits