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Parental Leave Toolkit - A Walk-Through of our Online Solution

We will be discussing and demonstrating how Parental Leave Toolkit can work within your organisation to support the key change from being a 'working person' to becoming a 'working parent', or indeed...

22/05/2018 Events & Seminars

Parental Leave Toolkit - Video Guide

Watch a quick guide to the Parental Leave Toolkit - a distilled version of our coaching knowledge and experience, for both managers and individuals.



The unique online and app coaching solution for new parents and the managers who support them |


Parental Leave Toolkit - Service Guide

How can you retain the talents of new parents? The challenge Supporting and coaching individuals through parental leave and return to work has become a must-have provision when retaining and...

Service Guides

Ali vs Capita: Employment Tribunal Ruling on Equal Rights to Leave and Pay

An employment tribunal has recently ruled that a male employee was the subject of direct sex discrimination when his employer did not allow him to take Shared Parental Leave at full pay to match...

08/06/2017 News & Articles

An Opportunity for Change: Shared Parental Leave (Part 5)

While Shared Parental Leave may not be the definitive solution, Sarah Jackson of Working Families says it's an opportunity to embrace change | My Family Care asks Sarah: With the introduction of...

03/06/2014 News & Articles

The Value of Fathers: Shared Parental Leave (Part 4)

The Guardian's Harriet Minter offers her opinion on Shared Parental Leave and its impact. She wonders if it leads us one step closer to gender parity, or if men will simply be reluctant to take it up...

27/05/2014 News & Articles

Why Can't We Have Candid Parental Leave Conversations?

Whether it's in the boardroom or at home in the kitchen, honesty really is Ben's best policy. When considering his children's honesty policy, he wonders why businesses can't do the same when hiring...

16/03/2016 News & Articles

A Positive Change?: Shared Parental Leave (Part 2)

My Family Care Director Ben Black shares his thoughts on the implications of Shared Parental Leave, and its importance in the move towards gender diversity | My Family Care asks Ben: With the...

13/05/2014 News & Articles

Government Confirms Shared Parental Leave Proposals

The Government has today committed to introducing a year of shared leave for new parents by April 2015 | The Shared Parental Leave proposals are designed to cater for a growing desire by men to...

29/11/2013 News & Articles

Work+Family Summary: August 2016

In this month's summary, Ben Black looks at the continued prevalence of gender inequality, new Shared Parental Leave stats, and August's villain of the month | Ben Black's monthly summary of...

02/09/2016 News & Articles

Work+Family Summary: April 2018

In this month's summary, Ben Black looks back at a month dominated by female leadership news, the closure of children's centres, parental leave, and what's next for gender pay gap reporting | Ben...

01/05/2018 News & Articles