Parental Leave Toolkit - Service Guide

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Parental Leave Toolkit - Service Guide

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How can you retain the talents of new parents?

The challenge
Supporting and coaching individuals through parental leave and return to work has become a must-have provision when retaining and competing for talent. But the cost can be high, and catering for the whole employee population, not just the most senior roles, is a task in itself.

Likewise, helping line managers support and retain individuals going through the parental transition is a more complex task than ever before.

The solution
Our newest service, the Parental Leave Toolkit, is the solution. We've distilled our comprehensive coaching knowledge and experience to create a fully supported, online platform for both managers and individuals.

The result
Employees are able to plan and prepare for a successful leave and return. Managers feel empowered in organising their team members. Employers retain the talents of new parents.