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Working Parents & Carers

Flexible Working Survey 2011


What do working parents and carers really think?


We wanted to get to the heart of the challenges, needs and wants of those who combine work and family. To find out what really makes work+family work from the point of view of individual parents and carers. Our analysis report provides valuable insights for employers on how to get it right.

What does contribute to work/life happiness?

We've been carrying out a Working Parents Survey for several years, revealing what works and what is still needed. Employer flexibility has always occupied the top slot on the wish list of participants.

Here, the results from over 1,400 parents and adult dependent carers demonstrate just how critical this is.

What should forward thinking employers be doing?

Our survey found that only 40% of respondents were happy or very happy with their work/life balance based on their current working arrangements.

There's a high correlation between employee commitment and loyalty on the one hand and happiness with work/life balance on the other.

Employers who grasp this stand to gain a huge competitive advantage.

Download: Working Parents & Carers Flexible Working Survey 2011

Email enquiry if you would like the complete research results.


Work+Family = A positive and successful relationship


Webinars to discuss the implications of the survey

This October Jennifer Liston-Smith will be examining the practical implications of our Survey in 3 webinars including specialist sessions for the legal and banking sectors.

Jennifer will be discussing the issues raised with in-house diversity practitioners. They’ll be sharing their insights and best practice with companies leading the way in flexible working.

Find out more about our Flexible Working Webinars in October


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