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Life Transition Coaching
for your Working Parents


Combining work and school age children, or teenagers, can be more complicated than with babies and toddlers


Supporting employees through life's transitions not only ensures that their ability to manage their work commitments is maximised, but also ensures they feel valued and in turn value their employer.

How do we retain our working parents?

Our tailored coaching approach equips parents to manage work+family effectively. We help build confidence, assertiveness and leadership in the workplace and at home.

If required, we can support parents in successfully planning and managing flexible working.

One-to-one or group coaching

We can coach parents one-to-one and in groups. If needed, we can transfer our knowledge and skills to your team(s) - enabling you to run your own internal programmes.

We have a network of highly regarded leadership and life transition coaches around the UK, and in other regions internationally. Our coaches all have experience of working in senior roles as well as managing the balance of family life.

Lunchtime seminars

Our lunchtime seminars combine the benefits of coaching and networking. They offer practical tools and resources on a range of relevant topics and a great chance to exchange ideas and support.

Childcare: making the choices that suit you - A review of the full range of childcare options put in the context of personal needs.

Being the best working parent you can be - A light hearted yet insightful look at managing the perfectionism and guilt we sometimes fall into as parents.

The balancing act - We use a coaching model to review balance in different areas of life and bring out and share realistic strategies for managing this.

Build and make the most of your network as parents - Strong relationships both personal and professional are a critical source of support for parents. We explore how to develop and manage those relationships to enhance work+family.

First aid for babies and children - A practical, hands-on session imparting essential reassuring skills.

We have many more topics available, please ask for our full list, or invite us to tailor a session to your needs.

Coaching webinars

We've had positive feedback from delivering our lunchtime seminars as interactive webinars, which can suit situations where relevant employees are working remotely from each other.

Connecting with our other services

We provide the UK's only comprehensive and award winning backup child, adult and eldercare solution. Backup Care helps employees find the best nanny, nursery, childminder, holiday club or domiciliary care available when usual care arrangements break down or last minute ones are needed.


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That help their employees through working with My Family Care. Get in touch to find out how we can make work+family work for you.


Increased engagement and productivity

Helping employees find ways of adapting their approach to accommodate both work and family life can only benefit employers in terms of increased engagement and productivity.

Retention of valued employees

Working parents whose employers actively support them in making work+family work are more likely to feel valued and more loyal as a result.

Enhanced leadership development

Coaching enabling employees to harness the personal development that often accompanies key life transitions.


Feeling valued

The knowledge that they have received innovative, best practice support means that employees are likely to feel valued by their employer.

Stress reduction

Employees who are helped to deal with parenting related issues affecting their work and home life will feel less stressed as a result of coaching.

Stay in charge of career and professional profile

Keep in touch with a compelling career path going forward is important for employees and coaching helps them to 'stay in control'. It enables understanding of their professional wants and needs and helps them plan to stay on track.


All of our Case Studies, Employer Guides, and White Papers can be downloaded throughout the site.

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Our unique and award winning Emergency Childcare allows working parents to book nannies, nurseries and childminders anywhere in the UK with as little as half an hours' notice.
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Our seminars, webinars and events are upbeat, enjoyable, and designed to fit professional lives.

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