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Life Transition Coaching
for your Working Carers


With the reality of the aging population, caring for an elderly relative or dependent is a reality faced by growing numbers of UK employees*


Supporting employees through the life transition of becoming a carer - and keeping them engaged - is essential to keeping them on board. The peak age of carers is 45-64, a time when they will have acquired a great deal of experience and valuable skills.

How do we retain our working carers?

Becoming a carer, whether it happens gradually or suddenly, brings enormous challenges. These often affect work arrangements, stress levels and physical and emotional wellbeing.

Providing the right information, support, flexibility - and space to think - at the right time ultimately saves time and supports both wellbeing and performance.

One-to-one coaching

Through our tailored coaching for working carers we enable employees to come to terms and cope with the emotional challenges of care responsibility, while keeping their career on track.

We also combine coaching with advice and support in finding and managing the right care solutions. We have experts to help individuals find their way through the complexities of adult and eldercare options.

Access to coaching experts

We have a network of highly regarded leadership and life transition coaches around the UK, and in other regions internationally. Our coaches all have experience of working in senior roles as well as managing the balance of family life.

Our eldercare and adult dependent care advisors have a great wealth of knowledge and experience of helping people navigate the options for care, funding, assessments and much more in a sensitive and practical way.

Connecting with our other services

Our unique Adult & Eldercare Search helps employees to put long term care solutions in place. Employees also benefit from the peace of mind of having a backup plan in place. Backup Adult & Eldercare is part of our Backup Care solution and gives employees access to last minute care solutions.


* Employers for Carers, Business Case, 2011


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Engagement and productivity

Demographic changes means in the future workplace eldercare will become a dominant work-life issue. Helping employees find ways of adapting their approach to accommodate both work and caring responsibilities will become absolutely key to employee engagement and productivity. Life Transition Coaching has a central role to play in achieving this.

Retention of valued employees

Working carers whose employers actively support them in making work+family work are more likely to feel valued and more loyal as a result.

Enhanced leadership development

Coaching enabling employees to harness the personal development that often accompanies key life transitions.


Feeling valued

The knowledge they have received innovative, best practice support means that employees are likely to feel valued by their employer.

Stress reduction

Employees who are helped to deal with caring related issues affecting their work and home life will feel less stressed as a result of coaching.

Stay in charge of career and professional profile

Keep in touch with a compelling career path going forward is important for employees and coaching helps them to 'stay in control'. It enables understanding of their professional wants and needs and helps them plan to stay on track.


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