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Raising children, or being responsible for elderly parents or close relatives can be very stressful, especially if you feel you don't have access to the right information


Our Knowledge Centre provides employees with expert advice over the phone, 24/7 access to our Insider Guides, plus a news digest and articles of interest for working parents and carers in On Our Minds.

Knowledge Centre is an integral part of the Work+Family Space that your employees will use to access the services you make available.

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Find out why making work+family work for your employees makes good business sense.

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Speak to a Work+Family Expert

We're here to help your employees, from questions about care, to dealing with emotional, practical, parenting or work related issues.

While the Internet can provide many answers, sometimes speaking to a friendly expert is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to help an employee find the solution they need.

Being a Dad

We have designed the Being a Dad service to bring dads the best advice to help make work+family really work. A fantastic range of articles for fathers is supported by quarterly webinars, and can be made available on your organisation's Work+Family Space website.

Insider Guides

Our library of invaluable, detailed guides make it easy to access the right information on a range of work+family issues including:


  • Available benefits & support networks
  • Child benefits updates
  • Childcare options
  • Children's behavioural problems
  • Introduction to childcare
  • New parent information and advice
  • Pregnancy advice
  • School bullying and teenagers.

Adult & Eldercare

  • Caring for disabled dependents
  • Community care
  • Finding the right care in later life
  • Independent living in your own home
  • Paying for care
  • Residential and nursing homes.

On Our Minds

A collection of news stories and other articles that keeps busy working parents and carers up to date with things that matter to them.

Connecting with our other services

Your employees can access Knowledge Centre along with any services you choose to provide through a special Work+Family Space website created for you. It makes it very easy for them to access a wealth of information and services.

Backup Care helps employees find the best nanny, nursery, childminder, holiday club or domiciliary care available when usual care arrangements break down or last minute ones are needed.


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Supporting the employer brand

Providing unique and helpful resources to help employees with family related matters will contribute to an employee viewing their employer in a positive light.


Providing a starting point

Whether for an immediate answer or to help in thinking about solutions to potential situations before they occur, our unique resource provides a 'go to' place to start.


All of our Case Studies, Employer Guides, and White Papers can be downloaded throughout the site.

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Regular work+family updates for
HR and diversity professionals.

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Your employees will access our services via a customised website. You choose the services and the level of support. It's that easy.

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Our unique and award winning Emergency Childcare allows working parents to book nannies, nurseries and childminders anywhere in the UK with as little as half an hours' notice.
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