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Parent Transition Coaching: The Business Case

Talent attraction and retention, and better work-life integration Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Coaching & Consultancy at My Family Care, explores the business case for supporting new mothers and...

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Line Managers: The Critical Link

Making family friendly policies work in practice | Jennifer Liston-Smith, our Director of Coaching & Consultancy, explores practical solutions for enabling and equipping managers to be...

12/07/2013 News & Articles

Coaching & Consultancy - Service Guide

How do you enable your people to thrive at work and home? Life is all about change. Retaining talented employees means that you are likely to see them through some major life changes, including...

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Coaching & Consultancy

We help businesses retain and develop their employees | How do we approach creating a family-friendly workplace? | Consultancy: Just as individuals are all...


Work+Family Academy - Service Guide

A guide to our seminars & events for working parents & carers We work with over 120 leading employers, across a broad range of sectors and in 2016 we delivered coaching / training to 4,020...

04/10/2017 Service Guides

Sky Case Study

Spotlight on Group Coaching, Backup Care and the Work+Family Space   Sky has a strong commitment to the welfare of its employees, including focussing on improving gender diversity through its...

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Simmons & Simmons Case Study

Spotlight on Parent Transition Coaching and Work+Family Space As a leading global law firm with a long-standing commitment to equality and inclusion, Simmons & Simmons set out a clear programme to...

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Parental Leave Toolkit - Service Guide

How can you retain the talents of new parents? The challenge Supporting and coaching individuals through parental leave and return to work has become a must-have provision when retaining and...

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Parental Leave Toolkit: Digital Coaching Services Demo (Multiple Dates)

We'll be discussing and demonstrating how our joined up solution can work within your organisation to support your new parents, their managers and your HR team.

02/05/2019 Events & Seminars

Best Practice in Parent Transition Coaching

Should Parental Leave Coaching be next on your agenda? Should you 'do' Parent Leave Coaching? There are three key questions for any employer considering implementing a parental leave coaching...

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Being Family-Friendly in Law Firms Takes Unique Solutions

10 out of 15 law firms can't be wrong! Jennifer Liston-Smith reflects on the successes of family initiatives such as maternity coaching adopted by some pioneering law firms | Keeping mum in law...

12/06/2013 News & Articles


The unique online and app coaching solution for new parents and the managers who support them |