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Work+Family Academy: Seminars & Webinars


Our seminars, webinars and events are an upbeat, enjoyable experience, with action points, to fit professional lives


For employees, managers and HR teams

Our aim is to help your working parents and carers get to grips with the issues and challenges of work+family life - in a positive way.

Our core expertise is distilled into an hour and delivered to your employees in an engaging, interactive session. Important and topical subjects are covered, and the session can be delivered face-to-face or with a webinar.

Work+Family Academy

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Cost effective and ideal for lunchtimes

Each 60 minute session offers straightforward, practical and encouraging advice, tools and resources. They create great opportunities for networking and sharing ideas and solutions.

Ideal for lunchtimes, they're a time efficient and cost effective way of helping make work+family work for your employees.

How do our seminars and webinars work?

Each 60 minute session includes:

  • An interactive introductory exercise or discussion
  • Engagement with a specific coaching tool or model,
    area of advice or case study
  • Identifying action points to take forward.

A tailored approach for your employees

We can extend sessions to include additional networking or Q&A time, or include the opportunity for 1:1 personalised consultations with our experts.

We find that these extra 1:1 consultations are particularly helpful for those needing childcare or eldercare help and advice. We can also tailor content and format of all the seminars to meet your needs.

How will it suit my company's needs and budgets?

We can help and advise on which areas will suit your organisation and help you explore the needs of your employees. With our broad knowledge base we can also create and tailor sessions to meet your specific needs.

Our Employer's Guide to Work+Family Academy download explores some of our most popular options.


Example seminar - World's best dad?

What can fathers do to make sure they're being the dad they want to be at the same time as managing a great career? We offer strategies and practical tips to make the most of working fatherhood and manage pressures to perform in both work and family life.

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Engagement and productivity

Helping employees find ways of adapting their approach to accommodate both work and caring responsibilities will become absolutely key to employee engagement and productivity. Our seminars and webinars provide a cost effective learning opportunity and a way of building support networks.

Retention of valued employees

Working parents and carers whose employers actively support them in making work+family work are more likely to feel valued and more loyal as a result.

Diversity and well-being programmes

Our webinars and seminars can provide key components of employee well-being programmes, and enable employers to support the diverse needs of their workforce.


Feeling valued

Employees who are provided with the specific help and guidance they need are likely to feel valued by their employer.

Stress reduction

Employees who are helped to deal with parenting and caring related issues affecting their work and home life will feel less stressed as a result.

Improved parenting and caring skills

We can help employees perform better as parents and carers.

Staying in charge of career and professional profile

Many of our webinars and seminars focus on enabling working parents and carers to feel and act positively and productively about their joint care and work roles.


All of our Case Studies, Employer Guides, and White Papers can be downloaded throughout the site.

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HR and diversity professionals.

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