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Life Transition Coaching
for Maternity & Paternity Returners


When you've invested in your employees, and supported them in a career path to leadership positions, you can't afford to see them leave or lose confidence during the maternity and paternity journey


How a business helps its employees with the transition from working individual to working parent is critical to creating loyalty, engagement and ensuring retention.

How do we retain and inspire talented new parents?

Coaching will help your employees to handle the practical and emotional aspects of the parent transition in a way that also enables them to develop in their career post maternity or paternity. Planning and communication are critical to a successful parent transition both for the individual and their manager.

One-to-one maternity & paternity coaching

We provide coaching at three key stages of the transition to parenthood:

Planning and preparation

Prior to leave, our coaches help the individual set the foundations for a successful handover and preparation for parenthood and sow the seeds for a successful return.

Return with confidence

During leave, our coaches help the new parent prepare to 'hit the ground running' confidently on their return.

Back in the driving seat - following return

Following leave we focus on building support and networks, and developing the leadership skills needed for effective prioritisation, smart working and remaining influential, even if they have a changed working pattern.

Group coaching

Coaching new mothers, fathers, or both, in groups addresses all the needs of the stages addresses by 1:1 coaching and also brings the benefit of network-building. Again and again our feedback underlines how much new parents value exchanging experiences and ideas with their peers within the same organisation.

Building coaching into a wider programme

Our coaching solutions are highly flexible and can be tailored to the needs of the organisation. We provide coaching on a group or individual basis, either face-to-face, by telephone or webinar. And we can build it into a company-wide Keeping in Touch day.

Facilitating Keeping in Touch days

We can help you design group KIT days. We recommend including meetings with managers, business updates and a Q&A panel to learn from the experience of previous returners, alongside focused coaching.

We can provide professional on-site creche facilities for new parents, on a temporary basis for KIT days, or permanently if required.

Engaging new fathers

New fathers can feel neglected and less engaged during this transition, so our group workshops dedicated to dads have proved popular. These offer an upbeat look at strategies to make the most of working fatherhood and manage pressures to perform in both work and family life.

Accessing parental coaching online

The Parental Leave Toolkit™ is our fully supported online coaching platform for both employees and managers alike. It provides wraparound support for employees taking, or planning on taking, maternity, paternity or shared parental leave, whilst giving managers the tools to prepare for members of their team taking leave.

Connecting with our other services

Childcare Search helps employees put long term care solutions in place. Our clients find this service especially useful as part of their new parent retention strategies, as finding appropriate childcare is seen by new mothers as the biggest hurdle to returning to work.


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Retaining valuable talent

Coaching has a valuable well-documented role to play in increasing the retention of new parents returning to work after maternity or paternity leave.

Productivity and commitment

Coaching before, during and after leave can have real benefits on performance. It can ensure productivity right up until the point of leave, lay the foundations for and then ensure a productive, effective return. Disruption to the business and the team is minimised through better planning, communication, and smooth handovers.

Creating engaged employees & developing employer brand

Helping and supporting new parents, not only ensures that their ability to manage their work commitments is maximised, but also ensures that they feel valued and in turn value their employer more.

Enhanced leadership development

Coaching through the transition to working parent supports personal development. Confidence, clarity of goals, both personal and professional and a sense of empowerment are frequent outcomes from life transition coaching.


Confident departure and return

Coaching enables the employee to understand and address the challenges of maternity and paternity handover and leave. It helps them to manage the transition and communicate in a positive and active way, instead of taking a more passive wait-and-see approach.

Staying in charge of career and professional profile

Keep in touch with a compelling career path going forward is important for employees and coaching helps them to 'stay in control'. It enables understanding of their professional wants and needs and helps them plan to stay on track.

Support and understanding

Knowing that 'you're not on your own' is enormously supportive for parents-to-be and new parents going back to work. Having the support of a confidential sounding board through one-to-one coaching and/or sharing experiences and tips with peers in group coaching, makes a huge difference to how positive they feel. Coaching also helps employees create a strong support network and manage the help and advice that are offered.

Feeling valued

The knowledge they have received innovative, best practice support means that employees are likely to feel valued by their employer.

Finding a balance

Balancing the emotional and practical aspects of returning to work and leaving baby can be a difficult process. Coaching helps new parents find this balance and approaches that work for them.


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