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Life Transition Coaching
for your Relocating Families


Family issues are the single biggest reason for unsuccessful relocation assignments*, so addressing the needs of the employee's family is critical


Moving jobs and cultures can be exciting and rewarding, but the actual process of moving can be difficult and stressful. Having a partner and young family can make it even more so.

How can we help make relocation a success?

Our coaching enables individuals and their families to adapt quickly to their new working and living environment. For the individual, we pay attention to helping them get to grips with their new context, build their professional profile and create influential networks.

We'll explore the quick wins for their first 100 days and address the cultural changes they face. We also provide spouse coaching, supporting partners in settling in the UK and building their new life.

Spouse coaching and support

We'll help spouses view relocating to the UK as an opportunity rather than a series of problems and challenges. For a spouse as well as the employee, relocation will mean adjusting to a new environment and all the life changes that go with it. It may also involve career disruption, a change in job or giving up work as well as supporting their partner in their new role.

Access to coaching experts

We have a network of highly regarded leadership and life transition coaches around the UK, and in other regions internationally. Our coaches all have experience of working in senior roles, working with people from diverse backgrounds as well as managing the balance of family life. Our childcare and eldercare experts have a brilliant track record of finding practical solutions for relocating families.

Connecting with our other services

Childcare Relocation and Adult & Eldercare Relocation helps with the practical issues of finding suitable care for relocating families.


* CIPD Reward Management Report - International Assignments, 2007


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Successful relocation assignment

Partner dissatisfaction can be a key factor leading to assignment failure, so taking a pro-active approach and looking after the needs of both relocating partners makes absolute sense.

Creating engaged and productive employees

Coaching highly valued employees through the relocation transition can help maximise the employers' investment in their relocation. Helping them to 'hit the ground' running means they're more likely to be an engaged and productive team member from day one.


For the relocating employee

  • A dedicated opportunity to weigh up priorities and take action to have the most professional impact
  • A confidential sounding board to work out solutions to challenges at work and home
  • Emotional support to work through the transition period in a way that develops resilience and awareness.

For the relocating spouse

  • A dedicated opportunity to review career options, choices and take action
  • Valuable insight on settling into the UK from a professional, social and family perspective
  • Emotional support during an unsettling transition period
  • The sense of being valued in the relocation process.

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