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Childcare Search


Women account for 46% of the UK workforce, 85% will fall pregnant during employment and 60% of these women say that childcare is their biggest concern when returning to work*


If the maternity journey isn't handled effectively, employers run the risk of losing valuable resources, a wealth of knowledge and run additional recruitment costs.

Why are childcare solutions so important?

For those on maternity or paternity leave, or with young children, finding a childcare solution that fits their lives is essential. It can make the difference between returning to work or them feeling as if they have no choice but to stay at home.

How can Childcare Search help?

Employees will have a local expert to turn to when they need to find a childcare solution, or have any childcare related questions. Our Care Search consultants are available on a one-to-one basis, before, during and after maternity / paternity to listen, advise and assist in finding practical childcare solutions.

Key stages of Childcare Search

Identifying a childcare need

The employee calls My Family Care, and a consultant appropriate to their needs and location is assigned.

One to one discussion

Our consultant will discuss the family's circumstances, budgets and preferences. They'll then listen, advise and help the employee work out the most suitable options.


Our consultant researches available childcare solutions and creates an individually tailored care plan.

Making it happen

This can include advertising for nannies, interviewing childcarers, visiting nurseries, checking references... Our consultants do everything and anything needed to put the right childcare solution in place.

On-going support

The employee will be given on-going support once the Childcare Search is complete, ensuring their childcare solution is working.

How will it suit my company's needs and budgets?

Childcare Search can be adapted to suit the needs of your company. Different levels of childcare support is available depending on the needs of the company, its' employees and of course, available budget.

Connecting with our other services

Your employees can access Childcare Search and other services you choose to provide through a special Work+Family Space website created for you. It makes it very easy for them to access a wealth of information and services.

Emergency Childcare helps employees find the best nanny, nursery, or childminder available when usual care arrangements break down or last minute ones are needed.


* NCT Survey - The Experience of Women
returning to Work after Maternity Leave in the UK


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Becoming an employer of choice

From both clients and client's employee feedback, we know it's a highly valued benefit. It provides a practical solution and peace of mind for working parents who feel less stressed and more valued by their employer.

Retaining talented individuals

If the maternity or paternity journey isn't handled effectively then employers face losing valuable resource, often a wealth of knowledge and the additional cost of recruitment. Childcare issues also affect working parents with older children.

Creating engaged and productive employees

When employees know that trusted childcare that fits around their work and family is in place, they're more likely to be focused and stress-free at work.

Supporting relocating employees

Finding childcare is a key element to making the family relocation process a success for individuals and their families relocating (and in many cases moving country). Providing Childcare Search can ease the transition for them.


Peace of mind

Having the right childcare in place is a central pillar to the combined work and family life of a working parent. Childcare Search provides a practical solution and peace of mind for working parents who feel less stressed and more valued by their employer.

Lightening the domestic load

Researching and finding appropriate care that suits the family can be a drawn out and time consuming business. And as children grow up, their care needs change. Childcare Search provides a means of lightening this load.

Feeling valued

The knowledge their employer recognises the difficulties and supports them in finding the right childcare solution means that employees are likely to feel more valued by their employer.


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