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School Holiday Cover


If your childcare breaking down 9 times a year* isn't stressful enough, what about the 13 weeks of school holidays a year?


Having a plan for the holidays and a reliable backup provides peace of mind for parents of school aged children. Their employers enjoy focused and engaged employees throughout the school year.

Holiday clubs and camps

School Holiday Cover allows parents of older children the option of booking clubs and camps throughout the UK. It's a great alternative to a nanny or childminder, and can be used as a backup or as a planned solution.

How can School Holiday Cover help?

Parents can search for and book Holiday Clubs and Summer Camps. Our booking success rate is 98% and the service can be used:

  • Online 24/7
  • Phone from 7.30am
  • With as little as 30 minutes' notice, or
  • Up to 3 months in advance.

We have a large network of holiday clubs, and created the service with the best advice from Ofsted and BAHA (British Activity Holiday Association).

Our team actively encourages parents to recommend their preferred local clubs, so that their choice can be booked for the school holidays.

Connecting with our other services

Your employees can access School Holiday Cover and other services you choose to provide through a special Work+Family Space website created for you. It makes it very easy for them to find and book the care that they need.

Most of our clients offer a complete Backup Care package by including Backup Adult & Eldercare together with Emergency Childcare.

My Family Care's services are highly flexible and can be tailored to suit the needs and budgets of your company.


* Employee Advisory Resource's Employee Wellbeing Survey 2006


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A complete solution

The inclusion of School Holiday Cover in Backup Care means employers are offering a more complete solution. It means that employees with school age children have a broader choice of care options.

Reducing absenteeism in school holidays

As most employers know, school holidays (which collectively can amount to up to a third of a year!) can cause real headaches, stress and time off work for their employees, when planned care doesn't work out or when there are 'care gaps'.


The right solution for older children

School holidays are fraught with difficulties for those with school age children. School Holiday Cover provides an appropriate solution for older children when planned care doesn't go according to plan.

Fun activities, not just 'care'

For older children, being able to spend the day in a supervised holiday club means they have fun whilst their parents are at work. And as most parents will agree, happy children = happy parents!


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