New Implementation Resources for Shared Parental Leave

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HR Resource Pack 2

Working with our partners at Hogan Lovells, we've compiled a brand new set of resources to help specifically on the challenges and opportunities of implementation through all the aspects of Shared Parental Leave.

What's included in this pack?

Information on each of the resources included in the pack is detailed below. We hope the free download helps you with Shared Parental Leave implementation at your organisation:

1) Implementation Calendar

A time line to help you plan and schedule what needs to be done by when.

2) Policy Guidelines and Pro Forma Notifications

Hogan Lovells have kindly created a guideline of things to think about when creating your policies and a set of pro forma notifications.

3) Employer Perspectives from Citi and Centrica

Leading employers share their perspectives and the thinking behind their approaches to Shared Parental Leave (contributions from Carolanne Minashi, EMEA Head of Diversity, Employee Relations & Engagement at Citi and Alison Hughes, Group head of HR Policy & Diversity at Centrica).

4) Creative Ideas for Communication and Messaging

What might your messages be and how can you deliver them with impact? As 'food for thought' we've created some 'words and pictures' to help you think about how you might do it.

5) Pay and the Potential Discrimination Issue

Ed Bowyer, partner at Hogan Lovells, takes a look at the potential discrimination issue, and how thinking may be informed by recent tribunal decision in Shuter v Ford.


HR Resource Pack 1

If you're looking for background and guidance on Shared Parental Leave, our 1st HR Resource Pack is a must read.

My Family Care and Hogan Lovells compiled a whole range of resources (updated July 2014) to help employers understand and think through all the elements and implications of Shared Parental Leave. It includes surveys and a Mat/Pat Pay Benchmark Study.

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Regular work+family updates for
HR and diversity professionals.