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Childcare breakdowns

Did you know that for the average working parent in the UK, normal childcare arrangements will break down 9 times a year?

When you think about it, that's quite a lot of last-minute childcare to find, but it's not something people tend to think about - until it actually happens. At which point it becomes a total pain!

Obviously it impacts on working parents in terms of taking time out of the working day, not to mention the stress of finding suitable backup childcare.

Help for working parents

Whether you work full time, have a part-time job or are self-employed, as a working parent, childcare arrangements are fundamental to the smooth running of everyday life.

With the family unit more geographically dispersed these days, calling on grandparents in case of crisis is becoming a less and less viable option.

Emergency nannies, nurseries, and childminders

Our Emergency Childcare website lets working parents who suffer a childcare breakdown book an emergency nanny, nursery or childminder, anywhere in the UK with as little as 2 hours' notice.

When parents might need Emergency Childcare

  • Their usual nursery is closed for the day
  • The permanent nanny is off sick
  • The childminder is going to be on holiday
  • The school has (another!) inset day
  • They simply want some time for themselves.

Pay as you go - easier for parents

Emergency Childcare is currently offering a "pay as you go" option, designed for the benefit of working parents across the UK.

Statistics indicate that within a 3 month period normal childcare arrangements will break down at least once, so having a "pay as you go" option (with no monthly/annual fee commitment) gives parents the opportunity to use our service themselves.

Though of course we hope they don't have to!

We are confident that having used the service, parents will continue to enjoy the peace of mind that goes hand in hand with having a backup plan in place. If parents feel it's not for them, they can cancel at any time. If they use the service often, they can choose to pay a monthly or yearly fee, which will then make our booking fee lower.

Providing employees with access to Emergency Childcare

When they have a childcare breakdown, parents enjoy peace of mind from having a reliable backup in place. Their employers enjoy focused and engaged employees.

My Family Care works with organisations across the UK to provide their employees with access to employer-supported Emergency Childcare as part of our Backup Care. If you would like more information for your organisation, please get in touch.


This article was updated in September 2018 with the introduction of Emergency Childcare's "Pay as you Go" membership option. Terms and conditions apply. Please visit the Emergency Childcare website for full details.

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Regular work+family updates for
HR and diversity professionals.