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We found that only 1% of men have taken up Shared Parental Leave, one year after it was introduced.

- Research from My Family Care and the Women's Business Council

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We produce articles on the UK childcare and eldercare markets, HR and flexible working


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Who Shares, Wins: Real world insights into Shared Parental Leave

Two years on, what does the landscape of Shared Parental Leave look like? My Family Care, working closely with The Women's Business Council's (WBC) Men As Change Agents working group, have been looking to promote Shared Parental Leave and best practice for employers. To establish what desire there is to take it up and what barriers may exist, My Family Care have undertaken a small qualitative study and documented case studies of real working parents using the scheme.

Gender in Law - Facts and Figures

My Family Care and Fides delve into the findings and statistics of gender diversity in the legal sector.

Employer's Guide to Supporting Working Carers

What are the best ways employers can support those employees with care responsibilities? This guide sees My Family Care delve into the top ten best practice areas on caring for your caring workforce.

Maternity, Adoption and Shared Parental Leave Phased Return Research

My Family Care have been asked for our insights into the ways employers support and enable their employees in taking a more flexible or phased approach to returning to work after maternity, adoption or shared parental leave. Download our latest research on the formal and informal return arrangements employers offer.

2017 Work+Family Calendar

Download our guide to the year ahead. We're helping HR and Diversity Professionals plan for 2017 with related events to attend, dates to be aware of, and opportunities to plan for with the Work+Family Calendar.

Flexible Working Survey 2011

The Working Parents & Carers Flexible Working Survey was conducted in summer 2011.

We wanted to get to the heart of the challenges, needs and wants of those who combine work and family. To find out what really makes work+family work from the point of view of individual parents and carers.

Our analysis report provides valuable insights for employers on how to get it right.

Working Parents Survey 2009

The Working Parents Survey was conducted by My Family Care in September 2009. We contacted over 5,000 working parents to explore what working parents need and want from their employers.

Shared Parental Leave: Working Father Case Studies

What has been the reaction to Shared Parental Leave from working fathers who decided to take it up? Download this compilation of case studies from dads at IBM, Deloitte and KPMG.

Shared Parental Leave: Where Are We Now?

It's been a year since Shared Parental Leave was introduced. What has take up been like and how have employers embraced the legislation? My Family Care and the Women's Business Council have been working together to find out what impact Shared Parental Leave has had, getting the opinion of 200 employers and over 1000 parents.

2015 Family-Friendly Award Winning Client Case Studies

Read several case studies from our award winning clients Deloitte, Barclays, Centrica, Hogan Lovells, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.



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