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We increased Northern Trust's employee engagement score by 12%, following the launch of our Work+Family Space platform.

ROI Calculator


The ROI from implementing work+family initiatives can be measured - positively impacting bottom line


My Family Care's Work+Family programmes deliver measurable gains in engagement, productivity & retention.

These initiatives lead to a decrease in turnover of staff and higher engagement and hence direct financial savings.

Additionally, 'carers' (people with primary responsibility for looking after children, the elderly or disabled) in companies that implement work+family initiatives, spend less time absent due to caring responsibilities. The reduction in absent days can be quantified in pounds, positively impacting your bottom line.

Use our calculator to help estimate how much you could save by implementing our initiatives.


Annual cost of not implementing work-life initiatives

Please input your organisations details:

Total number of employees
Average annual salary  [Hint]
Percentage of employees with caring responsibilities  [Hint]
Percentage of employees who take Maternity / Paternity, or Shared Parental Leave  [Hint]


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