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My Family Care believes...


That work+family can be a positive and successful relationship


We believe that companies that find effective ways to support their working mothers, fathers and carers will ultimately win the war to recruit, engage and retain the best talent.

And we believe an employee who makes work+family work will be the most loyal and productive member of any team.

Our external values

We're committed to being the best partner that an employer could hope for. We don't say that lightly! For us that means:

  • Genuinely understanding what our clients want from us. Sometimes that will be an Emergency Childcare or Backup Care scheme as part of their mainstream benefits mix. Sometimes it will be more fundamental help moving an employer's culture along the flexible working/diversity agenda. The more we know about your business, the more we can help. We just might ask a lot of questions in between
  • Clear measurement. Whenever we work for a client we're committed to helping measure the results and providing clear, regular feedback to clients on the difference we have made
  • Expertise. My Family Care is unique in helping companies with their family friendly strategy AND implementing practical employee solutions. Clients often use us as a sounding board to understand the market generally, and keep track of their peers more specifically. We're committed to remaining at the forefront of thinking and to sharing our knowledge with clients clearly and regularly.

Our internal values

The core My Family Care team is about 35 people strong. We're a close knit team of people who are passionate about the industry in which we work. We have 4 internal values which we live and breathe by:

  1. Ambassadors - Every single employee at My Family Care is an expert in their own right, is willing and able to talk fluently about all the services we provide, and is capable of attending and presenting at client road shows.
  2. Personal Mastery - We believe that every employee should take responsibility for the way they support clients, manage their days, and conduct themselves generally.
  3. Professional - We often deal with sensitive and emotive issues. We have internal levels of professional conduct which you would expect from people used to working in coaching, childcare and eldercare.
  4. Respect & Trust - We obviously, as above, make a lot of demands of our team. The quid pro quo is that we provide a lot of freedom and support to everyone who works here. Internally we're very transparent and we’re committed to giving everyone all the help they need to provide the service levels we expect of them.



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Our unique and award winning Emergency Childcare allows working parents to book nannies, nurseries and childminders anywhere in the UK with as little as half an hours' notice.
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